Bifacial Technology

BIFACIAL technology refers to the way photovoltaic panels are constructed, unlike monofacial panels that produce energy from ones side, they produce energy from both sides of the panel and are usually more durable than monofacial panels. Due to their ability to generate energy from both sides of the panel, when placed in an area with high light reflection (eg a white building roof) they can produce up to 30% extra energy from the back side.


  • Better performance compared to a project that takes up the same area
Bifacial comparison
  • Performance optimization in projects that are placed on surfaces with high reflectivity
Bifacial roof
  •  Creating synergy, due to exposure of the back of the panel, better ventilation is provided
bifacial ventilation
  • High aesthetic result ideal for canopies, pergolas, brise-soleil
bifacial pergola

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